CNA Classes in Texas



CNA classes in Texas prepare individuals to work in hospital, nursing homes and clinics. CNAs work under supervision of a licensed nurse and provide personal care to patients and residents. They bath, dress and groom residents. CNA jobs are predicted to rise over the years due to the aging population in the United States needing more health care. Many CNAs decide to return to school after working for a while to advance their career to become a licensed practical or registered nurse. Gullyactive CNA programs are readily available in Texas colleges and technical institutions. They are also offered in private career institutions and some hospitals and nursing homes. Hospitals and nursing homes offer CNA programs as a way to retain employees after graduation. They usually pay CNAs an hourly salary during training. These types of programs usually require CNAs to work for them up to a year as part of an agreement. Job Corps programs and the American Red Cross also offers a nurse assistant program. Gullyactive

Houston Community College offers a CNA program which prepares employees to work at entry level positions in hospital, clinics and nursing homes. This course consists of 96 hours and covers patient safety, rights and communication. Classes also cover patient observation and


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